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St Helens MTB Trails

Experience The Coast With St Helens MTB Trails

"taking you UP to enjoy the DOWN ,  we'll show you AROUND"

St Helens MTB Shuttles

Take a day trip from Derby to Tasmania’s east coast to experience the best trails St Helens has to offer. The terrain surrounding St Helens creates a whole new riding experience and is the perfect addition for your Derby mountain bike holiday.


Dreaming Pools Adventure Trail

Dreaming Pools Shuttle:


  • $295 per rider

  • Includes Ebike hire (subject to availability)

  • Minimum group size of 4 riders

  • Depart from the Derby trailhead at 8:30 am to St Helens

  • Shuttle to Flagstaff trailhead in St Helens to begin the Dreaming Pools loop

  • Finish at the Flagstaff trailhead and finish the day with unlimited uplift shuttles of the St Helens gravity trails

  • Shuttle back to Derby

Shuttle to St Helens to ride their epic adventure trail, Dreaming Pools. This 30 km coastal trail undulates with long flowing descents through open coastal heath, passing by waterfalls and swimming holes to cool off along the way. 


For the super keen riders, finish off the day by sending it down the St Helens gravity trails with unlimited uplift shuttles to the flagstaff trails.


St Helens Gravity Shuttles

St Helens Gravity Shuttle:


  • $149 per rider

  • Departs from the Derby trailhead at 8:30 am for St Helens

  • Minimum group size of 6 riders

  • Unlimited uplift shuttles to the Flagstaff trailhead to experience the St Helens gravity trails

  • Shuttle back to Derby

Need a change of scenery? 


Experience the gravity trails of St Helens with a day trip from Derby to the coast. You’ll receive unlimited uplift shuttles for the St Helens trail network that was built by the amazing World Trail team. Find out why such hype surrounds the epic downhill runs such as Mac 10, Icarus and Send Helens.


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